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Joanna Music Video’s

So after my last blog (Music Video’s I Love Vol 2)  I got some feedback from one of the artists asking why there wasn’t any words about her video so this blog is to make amends (And stop her moaning about it) 😉

Joanna’s music videos are crazy. Like completely crazy and I love them. Having seen some of her older work that’s  pretty normal on the sanity scale (but also very good, especially wild world) this makes the latest ones even more nuts.

I’ve taken part in plenty of 48 hour film challenges and this is what her videos remind me off. There’s skill there, but its the resourcefulness and creativity  that really excites me. Most of the video’s look there there’s no budget there at all, or at least low-budget, and that just seems to encourage more and more funnier solutions to certain parts of the different music video’s.

While isn’t it exciting is my favourite because off its pure energy and execution of the idea the rightful heir video features my favourite moment with someone being thrown down the stairs. With no budget for stunts they use a clever cut away instead and it just lands perfectly for me. My sort of humour, and the sort of thing that always got a great laugh at these 48 hour film challenges. Film making at its most fun.

Other video’s like Truckin’ everyday make ‘full’ use of green screen and captures her craziness perfectly. Reminds me of a Lexx episode I once saw and makes me wonder whether she’s ever seen the ridiculously awesome Canadian German Sci-Fi. Alongside that is another video that looks like it was made while setting up the Trucking video which again as a film maker I can’t help but love little things like that. I wonder whether it was planned or spontaneous it’s that well done.

There’s just a certain energy level and weirdness that’s always there that just works. I feel it has to be very genuine as could easily be cringeworthy or to insane, but isn’t at all. It’s just fun, every single time. She’s clearly someone who loves the creative process and backs up my theory that Music Video’s can be more than just promoting the song. While that will always be their main purpose there’s definitely room to tell a great story or a fun sketch within them and watching these doubles my belief in that.

So I hope this blog makes up the last for her and that she continues to make such incredibly fun music videos that always make me laugh and smile and somehow not turn away from the screen cringing. Don’t know how she does it, but just works, and would love to one day work with her and see the craziness unfold live. Would be a lot of fun.

Here’s some more examples of her work below and plenty more can be found on YouTube and as she doesn’t seem to promote her own work will mention that her latest album House of Bullies is also out.



Music Video’s I Love Vol 2

So as I enjoyed writing and sharing the first blog about Music Video’s from Asia I loved I thought I’d do a follow-up.

I can’t say enough good things about the Indie scene over there. I’ve gotten more into music in a big way of late and it largely due to hearing what’s been coming out of Taiwan. I’ve discovered plenty more English and American bands as well recently, but Taiwan Indie seem to have a direct link to my heart at the moment.

So here’s a bunch more Asia MV’s that I love and from bands I hope to maybe work with in the future.

Music Video’s I Love

So the rest hasn’t exactly gone to plan with me writing every chance I get and working all the hours available at my job job but I’ve still found time to watch some films and plenty of Music Video’s.

The music I’m loving at the moment seems to all come from Asia along with my favourite Music Videos so I thought I’d share some here. Love all these artist and can’t say enough positive things about how incredible the music scene for me is over that way at the moment. Especially Taiwan.

Would love to direct some Music Video’s over there. Here’s hoping that happens.




The Train – Music Video

So haven’t managed to get the MV up anywhere online yet so have decided just to put it here for the moment until we do.

Was fully shot and edited in a day with a vibe in mind and that’s about it. There’s a couple of things i’d change but think it’s a decent start and only going to get better at making them with the more we do.

The song is,  The Train by Paul Jennings

So hopefully here is the first of many. Let me know what you think and have my fingers crossed it works proper.




Musical ambitions, Without being able to play anything… At all.

As the last blog seemed to go down so well (Thank you so much for all the support) I’ve decided to write another one (or probably another few) about the work i’m looking to do with music video’s and band promotion in general.

So the other day along with making a music video we also recorded an interview about our influences in the Taiwan indie music scene, how we got into the bands and what we’d like to do. This blog is a slight expansion of that, along with a few other thoughts.

I love music from Taiwan, from Hong Kong, from South Korea and Japan. Asian Indie music and folk music is just top of my list of things to listen to at the moment. I’ve always been a music fan, but never more than at the moment. Just so so many Taiwanese Indie bands that I love and can’t get enough off.

So with that in mind I started watching a lot more music videos, and really caught the bug for wanting to do some myself and started to consider whether it could be a career alongside my feature script writing. I started watching acoustic sessions and mini documentaries and live gigs and looking at gig photo’s and just wanted to be a part of all of it. And think I can.

I’ve worked seriously hard of late at bettering my skills and learning new ones and know that I have a way to go, but am trying every day towards that goal. Any time i’m not writing, or watching films, Music takes over and its beginning to be a huge part of my life. These bands and songs just connect with be in a way other music hasn’t and ideas constantly run through my mind of what I could do with them in an MV. It’s like the film part of my brain and music part of my brain have come to some sort of agreement that theres enough love their to share my passions.

I’ve never been able to play an instrument. I dabbled a little and owned a drum kit once but when the choice arrived on what to really put my mind into writing won out and that time set aside for learning to play was replaced by watching every film I possibly could (as my blockbusters account would prove). I would have loved to write songs but having a terrible voice closed that idea for me and again it was all about film.

But now in life I find myself in a position to focus and enjoy it all so music is definitely back in a big way and sharing equal billing of late (Although you can’t stop the signal, I will write every day forever) and dreams of moving to Taiwan and spending time in other areas of Asian seem very plausible.

I’m working hard to get myself in a position where that can happen in the next year and making sure that the time I spend earning money and clearing debt is also used to sharpen skills and learn new ones, all the while discovering new bands, making new videos and loving the music every day.

It seems the more creative I get, the more ambitious I get and the more I want to do. But I truly believe I have room for it all and definitely have the passion and energy for it all so it will happen.

No plan B, Just a lot of plan A’s 🙂