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First Month of Photo A Day

At the start of the year, or rather the end of last year, I decided I wanted to once again try the whole photo a day thing, except this time stick too it. I’ve tried once or twice before and it never lasts long but wanted this time to be different. Something that I’ve got better at recently, sticking to my own plans.

So a month in and I’ve managed it. Has been a lot of fun so far trying to make each day a little different from the last while swapping up what I use a bit to take the photo’s. I wanted some of the photo’s to represent my day or almost be a memory to that day looking back at it, while others are just pictures I took which I liked. Some are also just silly. (Sure that will happen more and more).

There’s one or two I would happily replace, but can’t, however for the most part I’m happy with how the first month of photo’s went.

Have enjoyed playing around with different Hipstamatic set-ups as well as using a couple of my old favourites. Find it very interesting looking at the images side by side as well. A photo diary of my day almost.

Fully believe I’ll keep this up for the whole year. I know it will start to get more difficult to keep things fresh and interesting with the pictures, but that’s part of the fun.

Below are my favourite five for January, along with another I like above as my featured image. All can be found on my Instagram page here. The information for each picture, including what was used to take it, is within the descriptions and tags of the individual photos.

Hope you like.















Photography Challenge

So a few times in the past I’ve considered the whole photo a day thing. Even downloaded an app last year but never kept it up. But think it’s time to give it a go. Might wait to the start of next year but seems like a good time in my life to try it.

Find myself using the camera on my iPhone nearly every day. Use Hipstamatic and Snapseed every chance I get. Love my Canon 700d and any opportunity to use that is one taken. Have a Viewbug account that I update regularly and enter photo contests and challenges all the time. So why not?

Certainly my life doesn’t feel exciting enough at the moment for their always to be the opportunity for great pictures but guess that’s part of the challenge. Have to find something other than my costa coffee’s and laptop to take photo’s of, but am sure I will.

Will try and take the photo’s on a range of different camera’s, at different aspect ratio’s. Will try as many of the lens and film options on Hipstamatic as I can along with trying some different editing styles on Affinity. Alongside that want to try a few different techniques as well, but we’ll see how it goes.

Think Instagram is the best place to show the photo’s (unless anyone knows of anywhere more specifically suited) and will load the best ones onto my Viewbug as well.

Have found photography has helped me a lot this year both on a personal level but also when it comes to filming things and making videos. I’ve learnt to fully use my camera and moved away from auto settings a long time ago. Feel like I have control with my camera now and can capture the pictures in my head rather than just getting close. Have a bit more to learn with Affinity but I’m getting there and have several apps that I’m very comfortable with in post as well on my iPad.

So I guess the question to myself is do I wait until the start of the new year and make it a bit of a 365 challenge, or do I start from tomorrow as why wait? Not sure the answer yet but like the idea of starting afresh in the new year.