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Plans for Review Channel

Towards the back-end of last year a friend and I started a movie review channel where we mostly looked to review Asian films for a Western audience. Alongside the Asian reviews we’re also doing hollywood films and other movies from around the world, but Asian films tend to be what we watch and love the most.

The channel’s started off pretty slowly but its early days yet and YouTube is a big competitive place. Our immediate goal is to get some content up and then be able to update regularly and grow our audience through-out the year.

We started the channel because we spend most of our time talking about films, like non-stop, so it seemed like a natural progression to show that. I wish over the years we’d recorded some of our conversations as I’m sure they would have made interesting watching but hopefully we can correct that oversight with the reviews.

My plans for the channel in 2017 are to have more scheduled updates and uploads. To try to upload every Tuesday and Friday. Want to make sure that the channel is getting consisted attention and that we’re keeping on top of things.

We’re looking to do plenty more ideas to go with the two regularly things we already have of together reviewing an Asian film and me carrying on my I don’t care I love it series. Can’t share any of these idea’s yet as nothing has been finalised but will hopefully involve us having even more fun with the reviews.

As the year progresses I’m sure we will work on getting the sound as good as possible and continue to learn the editing better. Would love us to have our own set in the future but for the moment we can look into having a stronger background. Everything will evolve over time.

Am wondering whether it’s a good idea or not to just have normal video clips of us before we watch a film and normal film conversation or whether that will take away from the review setting, but we’ll see what the year brings.

I love doing the reviews. The chance to talk about films even more was always going to appeal to me. I don’t know why this wasn’t something I started doing 10 years ago and I don’t know how possible it is to make up for lost time, but I will definitely give it a go.

I want this channel to be a passion of mine, something that I really put a lot into. Whether it will ever grow the way I’d like I don’t know, but what I do know is that I’ll never tire of making the reviews. It feel natural (whether it looks it is another thing). I love being able to express what I enjoy in a movie and how positive I am about films.

I tend to like most things I watch, and can find something in films I don’t that I still enjoy, so being able to get that across is a thrill.

So the plan is to add regular content, grow the channel, enjoy making reviews and hopefully find an audience. If the last one doesn’t happen, it won’t affect the first three because I’m loving doing this and want to continue on with it for as long as possible. Maybe a little slow starting with the channel this year due to a few things, but once it gets going (Probably February), will be full steam ahead.

The channel is at I Saw The Movie, there’s several reviews all ready up and plenty more to come from next month onwards.

Hope plenty of you watch and enjoy the reviews and subscribe to keep up to date with our latest uploads.



You Tube Channel Started: I Saw The Movie

So the day has finally arrived that we’ve launched our YouTube Review channel. Has been something that I’ve been meaning to do for some time along with a friend, and now it’s happening.

We will no doubt review a ton of Asian films and world cinema and have plenty of ideas for series of reviews and other playful stuff on the website. Will be loads of American films on there as well.

Have started the channel with my review/love fest for Jason X.

Going to have a lot of fun with this channel and dedicate plenty of time to it. Looking to upload a couple of reviews a week. Can’t wait.

So… Here’s the link for the site,  Enjoy:

I Saw The Movie



Upcoming YouTube channel : I Saw The Movie

Over the space of the last month I’ve been working on setting up a YouTube channel with a friend where we will be reviewing movies both from Asia and the west. The aim is to do reviews, features and extra content eventually like short films or web shows and promote a lot of Asian cinema that we love.

The main reason for the channel is our love of movies and the fact that we spend a vast majority of our time taking about, and watching, films anyway that it seemed like a good idea to actually record some of these conversations. Plenty agreed and encouraged and now I  can’t wait to get it all started. Going to be a blast.

A side reason for making this channel however is more relevant to my writing and where I am in my career at this point. It gets me used to talking. Gets me away from the computer and talking about films which can only be good for my pitching. It might be other peoples films at the moment but a lot of the same skills are there and similar energy levels.

I can see from the early reviews we’ve done that I can bring the excitement and the passion but as i’ve been told by teachers my whole school life, I fidget. I can see it more when i’m in front of the camera and while it’s not to bad it is a little noticeable and something that hopefully I can watch and improve on it over the year.

I think the channel will be good for me for a lot of reasons and am extremely excited by it. But as someone who has work ready to send out into the world and look to build a career on it I know this channel can be positive for my presentations and pitches and thats a big deal in this completive business. Every little helps.

The channel is almost ready to launch, and should be available within the next week but for the moment you can catch us at @Isawthemovieuk both on Twitter and Instagram. Our first feature is on Street fighter (for all of you that remember the film) as we discuss the Van Damme Street Fighter and the Legend of Chun-Li Street Fighter and what we’d do with a reboot of the franchise.