December = Film Watching Month

It’s been a long year. A really long year in a lot of ways. So I figure it’s time for a month off to watch a lot of movies. I’m sure I’ll still get some writing done, and know I have some reviews to edit for the YouTube channel so even a month off isn’t like full rest, but it’s time to take it a little easier.

The target I’m setting myself in December is 100 films. Roughly 3 a day. Still have to do my Job job, but think that’s easy enough to achieve if I dedicate myself to not leaving the house much and stay away from TV reruns. (Which considering the temperature and the fact that I’ve already rewatched Modern Family and Californication shouldn’t be too difficult).

Want to mostly watch films that I’ve either not seen before or haven’t seen in ages and can’t remember. Maybe find some to review as well (have some ideas). Already giving myself more work before I’ve even finished the blog about not doing any work but there you go.

Could do with a good mix of English language and world cinema. Want to catch some more animation from around the world too. Couple of classic’s from the golden era. Maybe a silent film or two. Just a good enjoyable mix. Can maybe fill some gaps on my IMDB top 250. There isn’t many,  but are some. Might even be time to watch the last few epics I haven’t seen if I find myself with a spare 5 hours for Ten Commandments.

Have a lot of ambition for 2017 and am getting myself into a position where I can properly have a good go at a lot of that, but want to be fresh and inspired. Can’t think of a better way to feel that than to watch a ton of films. 🙂


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