December = Film Watching Month

It’s been a long year. A really long year in a lot of ways. So I figure it’s time for a month off to watch a lot of movies. I’m sure I’ll still get some writing done, and know I have some reviews to edit for the YouTube channel so even a month off isn’t like full rest, but it’s time to take it a little easier.

The target I’m setting myself in December is 100 films. Roughly 3 a day. Still have to do my Job job, but think that’s easy enough to achieve if I dedicate myself to not leaving the house much and stay away from TV reruns. (Which considering the temperature and the fact that I’ve already rewatched Modern Family and Californication shouldn’t be too difficult).

Want to mostly watch films that I’ve either not seen before or haven’t seen in ages and can’t remember. Maybe find some to review as well (have some ideas). Already giving myself more work before I’ve even finished the blog about not doing any work but there you go.

Could do with a good mix of English language and world cinema. Want to catch some more animation from around the world too. Couple of classic’s from the golden era. Maybe a silent film or two. Just a good enjoyable mix. Can maybe fill some gaps on my IMDB top 250. There isn’t many,  but are some. Might even be time to watch the last few epics I haven’t seen if I find myself with a spare 5 hours for Ten Commandments.

Have a lot of ambition for 2017 and am getting myself into a position where I can properly have a good go at a lot of that, but want to be fresh and inspired. Can’t think of a better way to feel that than to watch a ton of films. 🙂


This Song is About You Music Video

So after writing my last blog about wanting to make a music video I decide… Why not just make one now. So I did.

I found a song of my friends that I loved and made a stop motion music video to go with it. Had a few ideas and set pieces in mind for it and pretty much managed to pull them all off baring one. Happy with the end result, especially as it was made on my own over two days. Shot and edited.

Despite the silliness of the video there is a fair bit of underlining meaning in it, but most of that is more of an inside thing, but hoping it’s entertaning enough without knowing.

Alongside making the MV I also shot a kinda making of diary to go alongside it. Will hopefully edit that together soon and release that as well.

The song itself is doing amazingly well on Streetvoice so hoping the music video does it justice. I’ve heard it got radio time in Taiwan and is still doing great in the chart so super proud and excited for it.

Will write another blog soon with a little bit of a making the music video vibe to it as there where a few challenges and things I had to do differently that I don’t fully cover in the diary so worth putting on here. Always try to be as transparent as I can.


Here’s the video. Let me know what you think:



Want to direct another MV

Really have a strong urge of late to direct a new music video. Is the time of year where the light outside looks awesome (when it’s not pitch black in the middle of the day) and want to take advantage of it. Feeling very creative and energised after a bit of a lean spell and almost finished a draft of my latest script so need something else to do while I take a week or two away from it before going back for the next draft.

Listening to more and more music and have loads of ideas running through my head. Have a few basic concepts I’d like to try but feeling open to any idea. Hasn’t helped that I’ve watched a few music documentaries of late and that’s got me in the mood too.

Am looking to direct a lot more come next year. Feel the work I’ve done behind the camera this year has been a vast improvement on before and really enjoying it. Feel comfortable with the camera in my hand and have worked hard on editing. The many many many many many hours spent on both seem to have allowed the technical stuff to catch up with what’s in my head and has given me the chance to better show my original vision.

Keep thinking about studying Music Video’s more but feel I’m getting a lot from just watching different ones from around the world. Got some real decent constructive feedback on the last one I made from an awesome band and that’s helped too. Am keen to have another crack. Want to learn on the job and have plenty of fun honing my skills while creating some work that I’m proud off.

So here’s hoping I create a chance to shoot another in the not to distant future.


My relationship to music while writing

Been listening to a lot of music again of late. Especially when writing. It’s something I’ve always flip-flopped between doing. I guess a lot of the time it depends on the project itself rather than my own process. I’d love to be one of those people who always listen to music while writing, I love the romance of that thought, but I don’t always find it practical.

Anything that’s a very dialogue heavy scene, or project, I never really listen to music while writing. I’ve tried it,  I want to be able to listen to music all the time, but it doesn’t work for me. I prefer to be able to have the conversations in my head and hear my characters. Work out the pace and rhythm of the conversation more naturally. Just struggle with these scenes if I’m listening to music. Breaks my concentration. Wish it didn’t, but the writing has to come first.

None dialogue scenes are where it’s at for me musically. But I tend to listen to something that reflects my mood at the time rather than the mood of the scene (not sure if that’s odd or not although my guess would be it is). I don’t look at music when I’m writing as something that I use to capture the vibe of the scene, or put together a playlist of songs that would fit the project, it’s more about me. How I feel.

I think I use it more to relax or entertainment myself. Keep my spirits high. Express how I’m feeling in my life rather than on the page. The two different arts don’t really mix together as one for me during the writing process. I can easily listen to some chilled out Dashboard Confessional song or something a little folky like Lil’ Ashes while writing some nasty horrific horror scene as much as I can listen to something like Pretty Reckless or Solemn while writing a quiet cute romantic scene. The horror I’m writing at the moment couldn’t be further from the Taiwanese Indie music playing though my headphones but represents my mood perfectly.

I enjoy a great score in a film or a fitting song and there are some soundtracks out there that I’ve listened too a lot, but for me its all about creating the right atmosphere and vibe when I’m writing. When it comes to the future and I’m making films (writing and directing) I often wonder whether I’d approach the writing the same way and use music for myself during the writing process or whether I will go a little more traditional and start thinking about the sound track early and listen to music that fits the scenes.

Either way, hope I get the chance to find out.



As a side note have started a new YouTube review channel. Here’s the link: I Saw The Movie


You Tube Channel Started: I Saw The Movie

So the day has finally arrived that we’ve launched our YouTube Review channel. Has been something that I’ve been meaning to do for some time along with a friend, and now it’s happening.

We will no doubt review a ton of Asian films and world cinema and have plenty of ideas for series of reviews and other playful stuff on the website. Will be loads of American films on there as well.

Have started the channel with my review/love fest for Jason X.

Going to have a lot of fun with this channel and dedicate plenty of time to it. Looking to upload a couple of reviews a week. Can’t wait.

So… Here’s the link for the site,  Enjoy:

I Saw The Movie