Writing Struggles

I’ve never really been one for writers block, mostly because I have way way way to many projects on the go at all times. But every now and then I do stop writing for a brief period of time. It isn’t through lack of ideas, but more a burnout, or struggle of motivation. I let things get a little on top of me and just struggle to write for a bit. Normally this lasts a few days, sometimes a week or two, but it always passes as writing is everything to me and something that i’m always eager to get back too. But as they say, you can’t force it.

It’s the not forcing it bit that i’ve struggled most with over the years because I always do try and force it, and what that tends to lead to is work that isn’t up to the quality I expect of myself. This in turn obviously gets me down more. Vicious circle. One i’ve fallen for more times then I care to admit.

So whats the answer…

Sometimes i’ve tried starting a new project, like a short script or something, but if the quality is still low then that could make a good idea seem bad. Again thats not really ideal. I often think writing myself out of one of these patches should help but in truth it doesn’t. I think taking a brief break from writing with maybe just working on some notes or something is probably a wiser idea. Although i’d always prefer not to have to do this, sometimes its the only way.

The thing i’ve tried this time is just to accept that my mind isn’t going to be able to write at the moment so just to enjoy some films and TV shows. Read up on some stuff and watch editing tutorials. Basically do everything except the writing so the i’m not wasting the time in anyway. Keep myself in the basic area of what i’m trying to do so that when my mood clicks back into place i’m already in the right space. That’s the theory behind it anyway. (My theory that is, maybe I should actually read up on it)

So i’ve spent the last 10 days watching films and shows, writing up some small notes on things that have naturally come to me rather than being forced and trying to enjoy the opportunity to catch up on some stuff i’ve missed. It’s not the perfect solution as really all I want to be doing is writing, but its something, and at the moment that seems a lot better than nothing.

Like I said, it doesn’t happen often, but it seems to me to be a part of my creative life. That these little burn outs and dips will happen. I still don’t think I deal with them well, but i’m working on it, and least I know that when it passes I will make up for the lost time, always do. Can’t stop writing, even when I have to stop writing.


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