Scripts on the go

It seems I’ve had a few older ideas whirling away in the back of my brain for a while now as solutions for the problems in these scripts are bursting out my head at every opportunity. If I was a cartoon I’d have little epiphany lightbulbs circling me as I walk.

What this has led to is what I sorta, maybe, kinda, possibly promised myself I wouldn’t do and that is work on several scripts at once, again.

The upside of this has always been zero writers block in any form as I just move onto the next thing, but writers block hasn’t ever really been a problem. The other upside is suddenly I’ll have loads of finished work at once again which works better for me this time as I already have completed work I’m sending out so it’s not like I’m waiting around to finish.

The downside is I don’t sleep and I won’t probably have anything finished for a while. That and it will bug me that I have three scripts on the go at once again.

Luckily I don’t think it affects the quality of my work as it’s always been the way I’ve written. It’s more the fact that I was trying to be a one script at a time person like I know I can be with paid work.

Think I just have to many ideas in my head that I want down on the page. Nothing wrong with that especially now I have more time to write, is more that I was hoping to finish another script this year but that feels unlikely with three on the go.

Flip side to that is I’ll have 3 new finished scripts in the first half of next year.

Think I just need to accept that this is how I write spec.



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