Sharknado Trilogy (Sorry 4th isn’t on Netflix yet)

So I finally watched the Sharknado films. Long overdue. Anyone who knows me will know my opinion on them straight away, kinda loved them. I wouldn’t exactly give them high ratings, but as entertainment they’re great.

And they just get dumber, somehow. You would think the initial premise is dumb enough and hard to beat, but no, they go that little bit stupider every time until you end up with Sharks in Space.

Kinda reminded me a little of the Phantasm films the way they expanded the world. (That’s not for a second to say they’re as good as Phantasm because they’re not close). But they are fun and I like the way the characters are coming along and all the cameo’s that are in the Sharknado universe.

I enjoyed the hammy performances, liked the main Fin character, Tara Reid is getting more fun as the films go on. Nova is a cool character and kinda want to see her have a spin-off somewhere in the Asylum universe, that would be cool. Have always been a fan of the company since watching all the rip offs of the big movies back in my blockbusters days so cool to see them hitting it big with the Sharknado series.

I’m definitely up for their being more after I watch the 4th, could easy handle another few but no idea where you’re going to go from here. Bet the writer is enjoying himself coming up with ideas though, he surely has free licence to just do whatever crazy shit he can think off. Fun job.

Have notes somewhere for a stupid shark movie myself, maybe will have to look into that again one day, although going to keep my premise under wraps until I do. (Although have told a few people about it). Always have a soft spot for disaster films and throw them together with monster movies and you have my attention and Sharknado definitely did.

All in all, good fun and enjoyed watching them back to back, felt right.



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