Shooting a Music Video

So getting slightly away from my normal blog on script writing i’ve had a great, productive, day directing a music video. While a lot of my ambition lies in script writing I have a great passion for directing and producing as well. I’ve had limited success with both and always enjoyed the challenge. It’s been a little while since I directed my best work and today I believe I topped that with the music video.

With some strong encouragement we set out today to make an MV from a song my friend wrote that’s been getting some notice of late. We had an idea in mind of the vibe we wanted for the video and the locations we knew would suit this. The shots where something we knew we’d come up with when we where at the location. Thats always been a strength of ours, but for the first time a weakness we normally have felt like it had been overcome.

Well framed and composed shots have been our bread and butter but have often been let down by not really knowing how to get the shot we wanted outside of framing. So this year i’ve really worked hard on getting to know my camera inside out and doing a lot of work on improving my editing knowledge. Between all the hard work with the two I now feel confident of getting the shots I want in camera and knowing that I can get the enchantments in post. It’s a big weight off my shoulders to have this technical confidence and now means I can approach the shoot from a much more creative standpoint without the worry of how the clip will look when played back.

Today has just gone well, Everything clicked in place and the frustration of not being able to make anything for a while was just put into this project. Everything we tried seemed to work. While i know every day won’t be like this and great challenges will be ahead it just makes me smile so much to know how far i’ve come over the last few months. That all the practice shoots and hours and days and weeks of editing anything together just for the practice are working. That all the books and articles i’ve read have stuck in my mind.

I’ve been able to breath a sigh of relief today and be happy with my work outside of writing. Can’t wait for the next shoot. Just want to keep this momentum going now and really push forward towards all my ambitious goals.


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