Fusing Characters

During my notes for the fourth draft of a horror feature i’m writing I realised that one of the major problems of the final act was that some of the characters who had a role at the beginning of the film where lacking anything to really do at the end. They where simply falling off the page with no proper completion of their relevance or arcs.

This wasn’t always the case so maybe not the greatest oversight (albeit one I should have avoided) as there was development for everyone in the first few drafts but in the process of streamlining the script and getting it closer to its final state certain arcs had been cut. What remained where characters that where more functions then relevant by themselves.

In looking at what I needed both from the characters and the stories I began to realises that I could merge certain characters. Not something I’d ever done before. It obviously required a fair bit of tweaking still as they where different people but if anything it made the characters stronger. Combing certain qualities made the characters more complicated and opened up other ideas and scenarios that I hadn’t previously thought of. Suddenly little things in the script that had always bugged me had a solution due to the behaviour of these new merged characters.

I can’t really say it’s a way that I look to work, or would again, but for such a problem script It seems i’ve stumbled upon a solution due to other problems in different areas. Looking forward to the fourth draft everything seems to be falling into place with these changes and fires have been put out.

Never ceases to amaze me how scripts can fall apart and come together by single threads being pulled or woven.




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