Upcoming YouTube channel : I Saw The Movie

Over the space of the last month I’ve been working on setting up a YouTube channel with a friend where we will be reviewing movies both from Asia and the west. The aim is to do reviews, features and extra content eventually like short films or web shows and promote a lot of Asian cinema that we love.

The main reason for the channel is our love of movies and the fact that we spend a vast majority of our time taking about, and watching, films anyway that it seemed like a good idea to actually record some of these conversations. Plenty agreed and encouraged and now I  can’t wait to get it all started. Going to be a blast.

A side reason for making this channel however is more relevant to my writing and where I am in my career at this point. It gets me used to talking. Gets me away from the computer and talking about films which can only be good for my pitching. It might be other peoples films at the moment but a lot of the same skills are there and similar energy levels.

I can see from the early reviews we’ve done that I can bring the excitement and the passion but as i’ve been told by teachers my whole school life, I fidget. I can see it more when i’m in front of the camera and while it’s not to bad it is a little noticeable and something that hopefully I can watch and improve on it over the year.

I think the channel will be good for me for a lot of reasons and am extremely excited by it. But as someone who has work ready to send out into the world and look to build a career on it I know this channel can be positive for my presentations and pitches and thats a big deal in this completive business. Every little helps.

The channel is almost ready to launch, and should be available within the next week but for the moment you can catch us at @Isawthemovieuk both on Twitter and Instagram. Our first feature is on Street fighter (for all of you that remember the film) as we discuss the Van Damme Street Fighter and the Legend of Chun-Li Street Fighter and what we’d do with a reboot of the franchise.





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