Never Switching Off

So i’m not sure if this is one of whose things that just affect me, or maybe just affect a few, or if it’s every writer (or every creative person) but my brain just doesn’t switch off.

Like ever.

I mean I can function and stuff, can get through the day and perform tasks and all but idea’s and notes are just always running through my head. The quality may vary, greatly at times, but they’re always there. Just ticking away.

And sleeping, that’s just a different beast altogether. It’s not so bad on average but if i’m writing an actual script, just doesn’t happen. At least doesn’t happen in a way that is really that worth while. Is part of the reason I work the way I do. I generally plan everything out in note form first, end up with hundred and hundreds of pages before I sit down to write the script.

That way I can bang out a draft in under two weeks and get some sleep at the end of it because during the writing time I just tend to wake up and write more notes or edit. Sleep is a distant non existent second.

Have literally woken up in the morning hazily with pages upon pages of notes sitting on my bed. IS that normal? I should probably look that up. Or see how many people comment back to me that it is in fact crazy… or the norm.

Personally I like that my brain works this way. Wouldn’t swap it but it is one of the reasons I don’t drive. Actually does worry me that i’d crash because i’m thinking about how best to create tension in a scene or deciding how to show my characters motive.

Have tried taking a few days off after being non stop for 6 weeks capitalising on a bit of a purple patch and in my days off i’ve written up notes for the next draft of a feature and edited a whole bunch of photo’s and taken a 1000 more. That’s currently my brain taking a rest. Again wouldn’t swap it but even trying to watch some dumb movies hasn’t overly helped because i’ve just worked on other stuff through them.

Maybe one day i’ll find peace in some silent forest somewhere or something but in all honesty i’ll probably still be working out new ways for my slasher character to hack someone up, at best i’ll be taking photo’s of the forest with my fried brain.

This is the life I want though. So know it will never change, I won’t allow it. But maybe one day off at some point wouldn’t be so bad for me…






4 thoughts on “Never Switching Off”

  1. Sounds normal to me at least, because it sounds more like you’re doing a job rather than just a hobby. If you’re doing a job that you love, then you put a lot of effort in. Also, as a fellow scriptwriter (hobby, but so wish it was more!) I am not a driver. I did pass my test, but nothing after that as I couldn’t concentrate! I found it really difficult because like you, there’s always too much going on in my head. Just thought I’d let you know that you aren’t alone on that!


    1. Very nice to know I’m not alone. And yeah I’m the same I passed my test just over ten years ago and haven’t driven a single second since. I choose thinking about film over driving every time


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