Support Material

So today i’ve been working on support material for my spec TV Pilot. I’ve done a fair bit of work on this and thought I had it ready. And kinda do. Then I came across an initiative that looked very interesting on UK Script Writers face book page. The initiative was for Green Door Pictures TV Spec.

The submission guild lines where very clear and what was equally clear was the bible for my TV show didn’t meet them. So my take it easy day turned into another writing day (as always, and the way I like it) and one that I have to say I really enjoyed.

It never fails to amaze me just how much you can edit your work. I felt at 5 pages my TV Spec Bible was already pretty small but the competition called for it to be a maximum of 3 pages. It meant cutting down every section and looking to cut some of the character and episode descriptions as well due to word limit.

Not going to lie, It took a while. Who knew editing would take just as long as writing (me now) but was really pleased with the end result and kind of impressed that I could get roughly the same information across with 2 fewer pages. There’s some stuff I would have loved to keep and have kept my original edit to one side for other competitions and queries but believe this new version reads very well.

Whatever happens with the initiative its been a fun exercise in editing and encouraged me to sort out a few other things that I haven’t got round to yet like writing a Writers CV (Which I enjoyed less and have no idea if it’s any good).

Overall it’s been a productive day and all started by checking my Facebook wall and not getting stuck on all the cats doing funny stuff… stuff.

Now that i’ve finished for the day thats exactly what I’ll be catching up with 😉


As an extra the image at the top is for the UK Scriptwriters Survival Handbook. A book I’d highly recommend.

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