Chance to Write

So it’s been around 6 weeks since I left my full time job ( for reasons I won’t got into) and while i’m starting to stress a little over money I’ve been using the time to write. To catch up on some writing that the stress of a full time managerial job has maybe prevented.

Now while I do believe you can do both and in most cases including myself need to (Stupid money) it’s been incredibly refreshing to get up in the morning and just write. Has been a sample of what I want my life to be when I finally do make it as a paid writer.

I’ve been writing for about ten hours a day on average everyday for at least 5 of the 6 weeks and can’t begin to explain how productive its making me feel. Have now completed 2 drafts of different screenplays, made notes for a 3rd, wrote half a web show and a new short film that i’m particular proud of (that’s now a few drafts in).

Alongside this i’ve taken my camera out plenty and filmed a fair bit while honing some editing skills and read several film books on all kind of subjects. Because it’s been raining for 75% of the time as well, the time i’ve spent not being creative has been used to catch up on films and TV show.

So all in all a very good 6 weeks on the creative front.

It’s been important for me to have this in my life. Part of me was worried that i’d waste to much time during this period. That i’d end up watching movies more than writing but I managed to put any procrastination aside and make the most of the time available. Really needed to and did. For the first time in quite a few months i’m proud of myself.

Without going into detail once more things have been hard of late but writing is always a constant in my life and always will be. Being able to dedicate this much time to it of late is a dream. A privilege that i’m happy I took advantage of.

Going to be nice to give myself a few days rest, although I doubt i’ll make it through tomorrow without writing for a few hours at least, but I feel some of the pressure I’ve put on myself has at least gone for a while.

Although now comes the hard part, turning all this hard work over the last 6 weeks, and many many years before that into the career I want.

Can’t wait 🙂


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