Movie Day

Not sure what the correct name is for this but I call it movie day. Basically it means spending my whole day watching films (and normally eating junk food). In order for it to be a movie day for me it has to consist of watching at least 5 films. Anything less than that is pretty much just a normal day… for me.

So why do I want to blog about these lazy days I have where I barely get out of bed and eat to much. Well because of the films… And the fact that I think these type days are important.

If I had to guess how many of these sort of days I’ve had in my life i’d say it could well be in triple figures, probably averaging around 6 movies a time. I always joke to myself when i’m having them that i’m having a lazy day, or not doing anything today just watching films, but the other part of my brain is more interested in calling them research.

As a scriptwriter and film maker, but just as importantly someone who loves movies, I want to watch everything, from all genres, from all countries. There isn’t a movie experience that I don’t want to experience and thats why I find these days so important.

Clearly I can’t have them all the time otherwise A) I wouldn’t have a life outside of my TV B) I wouldn’t be able to spend time on my own creative stuff and C) it would probably just be watching for watching sake rather than taking in as much as possible. But I do like to have them every now and then. Maybe once a month as a minimum although have I drastically exceeded that a few times during lulls.

I believe as a Scriptwriter/Film Maker that watching films is essential. I’ve been to film classes where people there haven’t seen Godfather or Citizen Kane and am dumbfounded by it. I don’t understand how people don’t want to watch all the classics and experience cinema round the whole world and thats what these type of days are for me. A chance to catch up. A time to make sure i’ve seen all the important work. And also the less.

I rarely watch films i’ve seen before on these type of days and if I do its something that I don’t remember very well. Sometimes these movie days may have a bit of a theme be it genre, director, country, sometimes its a bunch of random movies that I put together as a type of movie playlist for me to go through.

Sometimes its catching up on classics or old movies that i’ve missed where other times its watching a bunch of films that I may like, hate or be bored with, Doesn’t matter. Because I want to watch everything and that doesn’t just mean 10 out of 10 rated films. It means the 1’s as well.

Anything can inspire us, the worse movie can have a seed of an idea or a concept that could have been something, or the movie could just be entertaining in a good way, or a bad way. Whatever we get from the film we always get something. I fully believe making any type of film is an achievement and therefore worth watching.

Thats why I will always allow myself these type of days and not really see it as being just lazy. It is research and entertainment at the same time. It’s spending a whole day with something I love and want a career in. Something that drives me and is a massive part of my life. I think everyone who wants to be part or the business, or already is, should enjoy these types of days every now and then.

There are so so many films out there and more come out everyday so why not enjoy as many as you can and hopefully it will help you with learning more about the craft as well as just being entertained for better or worse.

Bottom line if you love films, why not watch as many as humanly possible 🙂



I often try to live tweet my movie days at @steve5by5, for the next one I might write a short blog review of the films I saw as well.



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