Latest Draft of Horror Script

I’ve got a script that i’ve been working on for a little while now. One where I love the concept but have struggled at times to tell the story. Have had to many characters or have changed the characters to much. Have had to many locations or to few. Have introduced many many subplots to try and correct things. Basically, it’s been hard. I’ve written two other scripts in the time its taken me to get to a third draft on this one.

But I really do love the concept. I think it’s killer.

But I’ve had problem with tone due to the concept, then theres the fact that the main scene that came from the concept has held the story back, and also the concept makes it difficult to have likeable characters.

But man do I love the concept.

Then theres the third act. Three drafts in and still feels a bit messy. Maybe there’s to many characters in the third act, although i’ve already cut that down, or to many locations, but I’ve dropped some of them as well. The tone changes, but that’s a big part of the concept.

And I really really do like that concept.

Well guess it’s time once again to think about the different ways in which I can make this story work. It feels like it’s getting better and the first two thirds feel like they’re really working for the first time. Although they feel a little long but I have no problems cutting down scenes or deleting them, thats all part of redrafts. But that third act really needs to be a lot more concise because it’s distracting the whole concept.

And i’m not given up on that concept. To stubborn.

One day hopefully you’ll all see this story thats causing me so much pain… Because no way am I giving up on it 😉



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