One Pagers

Been working on some one pagers of late. Have scripts and treatments ready but wanted to make it clear that I have plenty of work and ideas so have written one pagers for future scripts as well. 

From the research I’ve done through various sources it’s been suggested that I should have 5 big ideas to go alongside the work I’m putting out there so that’s what I’ve been concentrating on of late. 

Coming up with ideas as never really been an issue for me, have a lot of stories to tell, my problem has more been working out what next. Have always enjoyed having more than one idea on the go at once because it means no writers block, any time I get stuck I move onto the next idea for a while and then go back once I’ve solved the problem. What this has led to though is a lot of unfinished ideas.

Luckily that’s all come together at once and I’ve gone from 2 finished scripts to 6 finished scripts in very little time. So now starts the next round of work. So while working on these one pagers I’ve been getting excited about each idea thinking, yep, that’s the next one I’m Going to write. Then no actually that one. Or maybe this one. Can already see myself on another 3-4 year cycle of to many scripts on the go at once and don’t want that. 

So my plan is to concentrate on 2 of the 5. The one pagers are helping as well as hindering because  the more redrafts and development I do on the one pagers the more I can see how far along I am with each idea. One of them I’m struggling to make the one pager not sound to vague so clearly that one isn’t ready.

I’ve never really been one to do one pagers before I write the script so this is a new experience for me. Normally I do the one pagers afterwards but have to say beforehand feels better. I’m not trying to cram in every scene and action I like the most am just telling the broad strokes of the story and that seems to be working better.

Has been a good experience and a practical one too. Feel like I’m moving along nicely now. Just need to be decisive and choose the next two stories I want to tell.

Hopefully by my next blog I’ll know. 


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