Plans going forward

Been thinking s lot of late about what lies ahead and how I’m going to reach my ambitions and goals. It’s been very apparent to me that a lot of it is in my hands and I’m ok with that because that’s the way it should be.  

Not going to lie, I thought I’d be further along by this point. Had a view looks through the glass ceiling and loved what I saw but haven’t broken through as such yet. Feels like I’ve come close, and maybe missed an opportunity or two that I could have done more with but I didn’t, not sure why, but not going to dwell on it either. 

I feel like I’m in a place in my life now where I can go all in. That’s cost me a lot but also gives me great hope for the future. 

So with that said (albeit somewhat vaguely because all still to raw) my viewpoint now is to be positive and as hard working as ever (even more so) and get stuff done. All my unfinished work can be finished and I can get myself out there and that’s the easy part because a lot of that work has been done. 

I’ve set myself a long term plan to produce a lot of work and a lot of content and feel confident that not only can I stick to that, but can do more. Want to write more, make more, see more, be more and I can. 

Want to use this blog and other social media to be pretty transparent with my journey to get scripts out there and stuff made. Want to chat about the short films I’m working on and the music videos I’d love to make.

So many times in my life I’ve told myself this is a new beginning…

…Well this time it really is. But it’s the beginning after 15+ years of prologue. I have a great starting point, and the right attitude and work ethic, so time to make that count and its 100% on me, which is the way I like it. 

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