Managing a new Draft

Have given myself a bit more time with the first draft of my new feature script. For years I have tried to stick to the same format/structure of writing the script but this time have made a few tweaks.

Instead of the normal 10 days I give myself to write the draft after working on notes for a few months,and having several hundred pages worth, this time I’m giving myself about 16 days having spent less time on notes.

I’ve never been someone who can start with a blank page and spend a long time crafting the script because my brian simply doesn’t switch off when I’m writing the actual script, which in turn means even less sleep than I already have. I’ve always combated this by spending longer on notes and outlines and getting plenty of prep done before I turn on my Mac and start up final draft. 

However my last script I just felt that ten days was to short. That I rushed to get to the end knowing that I’ll sort it out when I write up notes for the next draft which kind of seems like double handling what is already a long process. I’ve decided to test my lack of sleep (and probably increase my coffee intake 🙂 ) by making the draft process longer and adding almost a week onto it.  Just feel that it will give me more time as I write to explore new ideas as I go, rather than simply transferring notes to script format.

The idea behind it is to end up with stronger drafts without driving myself crazy through lack of sleep, or my mind on 11 for to long.  I know the old way still works so can always go back to it ,but feel the older I get the better I can balance these things. That’s how it works right?

If not there’s always power naps. 😉


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