New Feature Idea

So I’ve been a little away from features for a bit. Been working on a webshow, and before that wrote 2 TV pilots, one of which I submitted to Red Planet, the other I believe I entered into Final Drafts Big Break Comp (lost track as was moving at the time, will keep better records from now on). 

Wanted to jump back into an idea I was working on and was on the second draft off (fifth if you count outlines and the amount of times I’ve changed the story) but just couldn’t easily slide back into it. Love the idea of the script, always will, and really want to do it but I just have several hundred pages of notes on it and turning the idea back on in my head just didn’t seem to be working.

After a few failed attempts of reading the notes and the drafts I came to the conclusion that it’s simply to much work to jump right back into like that. That I needed to work my way up to it. Am sure if it was someone else’s script that I took over from i’d be fine as it would still feel new to me but I’d simply left it too long and lost my spot. (And done waaaayyyyy to many outlines). 

Decided the best way to get my spot back is to write a new script, a different idea, so that I can build myself back up to that sort of work load. (Hope that makes sense). Not sure if this is always how it will work for me or whether this is how it works for other people (do let me know) but for me it seems to make sense.

I’ve written a few hundred pages on this new idea and most of an outline and am close to being ready to write the first draft and already feel eager to jump back into this old idea afterwards. So I’ve either totally tricked my brain or it completely and utterly worked the way I thought. Doesn’t matter which really because at the end of it I should now have two completed scripts in the next few months instead of one. 

Does now mean I have twice the workload, but I’m perfectly happy with that.

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