Confessions of a Webshow

So I’ve began writing my latest webshow with the full intent of filming it sometime in the not to distant future. It’s a similar concept to my last show but with all the added knowledge of how to improve from the last attempt and make it a lot better.

I never released season 1 of my last show because I was unhappy with the quality. There was so much frustration in pre production that when it did come to making it I think I rushed it. There are so so many things I’d change and I made far to many comprimises. It was a true learning curve and one that I fully intend to learn from.

So my thinking now is should I release the last show. I think the performance from the actor was good and the dialogue pretty strong so there are things I’m proud of but it by no means represents my best work. But then the flip side to that is best work comes through falling on your ass a few times and picking yourself up and doing better.

Going to have a look at the edit over the next few days and make a decision from there. I have a strong desire to be transparent with this production company and my writing and talk about and show my experiences and believe this could be a good place to start for that.

Starting to talk myself into it as I write this blog. 😉

We’ll see.


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